Donkeystone Brewing Tasting Pack

Donkeystone Brewing Tasting Pack

Donkeystone Brewing
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Set in the Pennines, Donkeystone first started mashing in 2017 and have so far produced over 27 different craft beers and we've put together four of our absolute favourites for you to try.

1. KAIHI ABV 5% (330ml)

A Double Dry Hopped New Zealand IPA which packs tons of flavour from the exceptional Chinook hops crammed into this beauty.

The bold tropical fruit flavours, perfectly compliment the strong malt backbone to create a memorable IPA that leaves you wanting more.

2. KAIHI XXX ABV 8% (330ml)

To celebrate their 200th brew Donkeystone wanted to do something a little bit special. They decided to take one of their favourite IPA’s Kaihe and make an imperial version. But. That didn’t feel quite special enough so they thought they’d make it a black impy IPA as well with 4 times the hops as the original Kaihe, coming in as 23g/L dry hopping rate., all NZ Chinook as per the original recipe! This is a wonderful Black Impy IPA delivers an intense huge hit of pine & grapefruit from this punchy NZ hop.

3. DARIPA ABV 7.4% (330ml)

This mouth-watering premium ale has a sumptuous, rich malty backbone creating a sweet rounded body. Donkeystone added huge amounts of Simcoe, Cascade and Chinook hops to create an intensely characterful ale worthy of the name DARIPA.

4. Ferris Mulers Brewers Day Off Rad IPA ABV 3.7% (440ml)