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We’ve Gone Green - INDII Brew Co.

We’ve Gone Green

It doesn’t matter how big or small a business is, we all have a responsibility to look after our environment.  We believe that even the smallest of changes can have a big impact.

That's why we’re making an effort to become a carbon negative business!  At first it was daunting, big players in the world of craft beer such as Brewdog have massively deep pockets which they can use to invest in the latest green tech and even to plant entire forests.  Massive props to businesses which are able to do this, but as the little guy what can we possible do which would make a difference?

To start, we scoured the internet looking for advice, guidance and initiatives we could get involved in, but there are so many companies claiming to be able to help your business offset it’s carbon footprint it was difficult to know which way to go.  So we turned to another business, new like ours for help.  Knowing that Cannabrew had already achieved their carbon negative goal, we reached out and Elliott (founder and head brewer) pointed us towards ‘Ecologi’, and that’s where our own green revolution began!

Here’s what we have been able to do through our partnership with ‘Ecologi’:


  1. Each month INDII Brew Co. pay ‘Ecologi’ a subscription fee which is used to offset the carbon we use in the day to day running of the business.  This is achieved by planting 12 trees per month in places such as Madagascar, Nicaragua and Mozambique.  These 12 trees should offset roughly 1.17 tonnes of CO2 every month.  That’s the same as 1 long haul flight, 4m2 of sea ice saved or 2903m driven in a car 👊
  2. On top of this we will also plant 1 additional tree for every single order we process.  This even includes INDII Brew Club orders!🌳🌿

Stepping away from ‘Ecologi’ slightly we have also committed to offset the carbon used when we make our deliveries.  By utilising a website plugin which calculates the amount of CO2 released when we ship one of our boxes of craft beer, we are able to fund deforestation projects around the globe.

What all of this means is that when you buy your craft beers from INDII Brew Co. you are helping to reduce the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere, your deliveries are carbon neutral...and we’re planting an extra tree for each order you make 🙌

We’re even presented with a monthly carbon offset certificate to show how we’re doing...and here’s the 1st one👇.  We’ll be uploading new ones each month so that you can track our progress.

If you’d like to know more about some of the great projects we’re supporting through our partnership with ‘Ecologi’ the just head over to their website at to find out more ✌️

You can also keep an eye on our ever growing forest of trees, just click here to watch as it continues to flourish!






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